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Review of “aquamarine blue 5: Personal Stories of College Students with Autism”

Consider what would happen if you were in unfamiliar surroundings among strangers who understood more about the world they lived in than you do.  Think about living your entire life in a world that does not understand you.  Such is … Continue reading

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Aspie fighting for independence-is she ready?

My daughter is 18 years old, a rising senior, and as far as I can tell unable to handle the responsibilities of an adult.  Part of this is my fault, and I take full responsibility for it.  I failed in … Continue reading

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William Stillman redefines the autistic experience in “Autism and the God Connection”

In his introduction, William Stillman asks his readers who are unfamiliar with autism and autism-spectrum disorders to always presume intellect when meeting someone who is autistic.  For a long time, autistic children and adults have been labeled mentally retarded or … Continue reading

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Preparing for a trip

My daughter is getting ready for a church youth trip.  She has spent months anticipating the trip with excitement and I have spent months anticipating it with anxiety almost to the point of having a nervous breakdown.  Will she remember to take her medication?  Will she … Continue reading

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