‘Asperger Syndrome & Your Child’ an informative guide for parents

Today, there are a wide variety of books and other materials about Asperger Syndrome.  When my daughter was diagnosed six years ago, it didn’t seem like I could find anything; however, one of the books I came across was “Asperger Syndrome & Your Child” by Michael D. Powers with Janet Poland.  This encouraging book offered a caring, compassionate look at parenting a child with Asperger Syndrome.

Powers’ book covers the early years through adulthood and answers your questions about babysitters and school to driving and becoming a productive member of society.  He offers well thought-out solutions to the common everyday dilemmas parents often face.  Something I found very helpful is the “message to my child’s teacher.”  This is an invaluable tool to use when discussing your child’s needs with his or her teachers. 

The end of the book includes a question-and-answer section as well as a mega-resource guide for national organizations and a listing for each state.  It is very comprehensive without being overwhelming.  If you want to unlock your child’s potential and help them become the person you know they can be, you will want to buy this book.


About aspieparent18

I am the mother of a daughter who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 12 after years of working with teachers, physicians and finally a wonderful child therapist. I struggle. She struggles. No one understands. I hope this blog will offer encouragement and support for those who have an Aspie and information for those who support a parent with an Aspie.
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